Alban enables congregations to connect and learn from one another so that they might flourish and impact their communities and the world.


Through our work with congregations and the networks that support them, we have observed three trends:

Congregations are hungry to learn what is effective in other congregations and learn best from each other, but they have limited opportunities to do so.

Denominational and thought leaders address issues that impact congregations, but they often work in isolation from each other.

All leaders need ready access to innovative ideas and practical resources.

Alban is uniquely positioned to respond to these trends. But we won’t do it alone.

We will bring together congregational leaders and create a platform for them to share with one another the practical wisdom they've gained through their struggles and successes in ministry. We will seek partnerships with organizations such as the Center for Congregations, the Pastoral Excellence Network, and all kinds of denominations, consultancies and theological schools that can catalyze conversation and action. Together, we will strengthen both the networks themselves and the congregations they exist to serve.

Alban at Duke Divinity School will partner with publisher Rowman & Littlefield to produce a variety of new Alban books on topics such as church size and its impact on dynamics, leadership, missions and outreach, and more. Rowman & Littlefield purchased and will sell previously published Alban books via their website and other online retailers.

We will continue to produce Alban Weekly, a rich resource offering stories of hope and practical wisdom on how to lead congregations today. We are in the process of asking Alban’s 38,000 readers about their experiences and desires for the publication. In time, the full archive will be available online. Subscribe to the newsletter.


We are not accepting new or renewed requests for Alban membership at this time. Alban’s previously developed resources have come to us as a gift, and we intend to make those resources available to all via this website. In the interim, we invite you to subscribe to Alban Weekly.

Consulting and Educational Resources

The Alban Institute has long been known for the strength and quality of its consultants, and those who were working for Alban in early 2014 are continuing their ministries as independent consultants. Most have formed an informal network called Congregational Consulting to make access to their work and educational events as seamless as when they worked at Alban. We plan to occasionally feature their work and wisdom in Alban Weekly.